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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 23:25:04 CUT

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    Being that your a leftist Roz, I know that you don't realize when you insult
    people, so I'll forgive you. Kate is not an academic (thank God). She's a
    journalist. I will be happy to talk into your camera if you will agree to treat
    my views with the same respect you treat others'. wrote:

    > David Horowitz writes
    > <The fact that I am quoted in the book seems to be a taint on the author. Why
    > Roz, did you justemail me and ask to interview me if that is the case? (I
    > think we can forget that interview now.) Kate Coleman, who has written pieces
    > documenting the
    > Panthers' criminality and their responsibility for the murder of Betty Van
    > Patter is a committed "progressive" in the sense of that term that people on
    > this list would understand. >
    > Kate is a good academic and I never said that panthers did not commit crimes
    > . I know you have had alot of experience with the panthers and have many
    > stories to tell about your work with them in the sixties/seventies. Last
    > week while in Calif. Kate suggested that I interview you. Your stories of
    > what you experienced with the panthers is part of history. Why would you get
    > pissy with me about interviewing you about your experiences after I mention
    > that you are quoted many times in Pearsons book. What I object to is
    > lumping all panthers as criminals. There were panthers that did horrible
    > things including murders, tortures , burnings etc.
    > As academics we have to think about all the facts. If we talk about the Alex
    > Rackley murder it is important to include the fact that the torture session
    > was led by a police informer.
    > Come on David do a video interview with me.
    > my best, roz payne

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