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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 14:07:41 CUT

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    Jeffrey Blankfort was one of the propagandists for the Panther gang. As a
    photographer he took many of the pictures that created the heroic images of a bunch
    of street thugs. Apparently he has no regrets for the damage he did. His comments
    here are typical fantasies. The Panthers never had support in the black community,
    which was well aware of the Panthers' criminal activities. The Panthers were
    strictly the heroes of the white readers of magazines like Ramparts which ran
    Blankfort's heroic images. The Panthers' criminality, as Newton and Bobby Seale
    write in their autobiographies, was there from the outset. They recruited gangsters
    quite consciously. The Party was launched nationally when Newton murdered a 26
    policeman. As I pointed out in a previous post, 348 Panthers were arrested in 1969
    for strictly criminal activities, while Newton was in jail (and the Party according
    to Blankfort was free of his bad influence). The charges against them ranged from
    wife-beating to armed robbery and murder. The personal smears directed at Hugh
    Pearson and myself (Rockefeller life style -- yeah -- and "government-serving
    propaganda pieces") are typical and traditional Stalinist tactics: everybody who
    disagrees with the party line is a sell-out or a government agent. Discrediting
    witnesses is how leftists were able to kill so many people in the 20th Century and
    keep the support of "progressives" like Blankfort.

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