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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 11:58:16 CUT

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    David Horowitz writes
    <The fact that I am quoted in the book seems to be a taint on the author. Why
    Roz, did you justemail me and ask to interview me if that is the case? (I
    think we can forget that interview now.) Kate Coleman, who has written pieces
    documenting the
    Panthers' criminality and their responsibility for the murder of Betty Van
    Patter is a committed "progressive" in the sense of that term that people on
    this list would understand. >
    Kate is a good academic and I never said that panthers did not commit crimes
    . I know you have had alot of experience with the panthers and have many
    stories to tell about your work with them in the sixties/seventies. Last
    week while in Calif. Kate suggested that I interview you. Your stories of
    what you experienced with the panthers is part of history. Why would you get
    pissy with me about interviewing you about your experiences after I mention
    that you are quoted many times in Pearsons book. What I object to is
    lumping all panthers as criminals. There were panthers that did horrible
    things including murders, tortures , burnings etc.
    As academics we have to think about all the facts. If we talk about the Alex
    Rackley murder it is important to include the fact that the torture session
    was led by a police informer.
    Come on David do a video interview with me.
     my best, roz payne

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