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From: David Horowitz (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 04:33:30 CUT

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    Hey, Joe. You of all people should know that I'm quite prepared to get along with
    leftists who respect the truth and people who disagree with them. If the list is boiling
    (and I don't see it yet), I'm hardly to blame. Also, I would see no reason to bring up
    this history except that people refuse to learn it.

    Joe McDonald wrote:

    > David Horowitz wrote:
    > wow now i remember why i unsubscribed last year to the Sixties List. i am having a
    > David Horowitz flash back. i sure hope i dont haveta unsubsribe again but Mr
    > Horowitz has the ability to bring up the same issues over again and get people
    > whipped into a frenzy again. some people may be new to the list and new to Mr
    > Horowitz and his hatred of the Black Panthers and insistance on talking about the
    > same "criminal activities" over and over again. i for one get the point and am not
    > looking forward to deleting dozens of bickering e mails every day. yes we know that
    > Mr Horowitz hates left wingers and the left wing so what is new?! it is sad that
    > one person can bring a whole list to a boiling point over and over again with the
    > same old stuff. i for one have learned all i want to learn about how he feels about
    > the Black Panthers and desire another subject. upward and onward eh?! cheers,
    > country joe mcdonald
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