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    I suggest that some of you dig out the copy of Liberation magazine, that
    contained Julius Lester's powerful article on the Rackley murder. Writing at
    the time, Lester (when he was still a solid man of the Left) pointed out
    that whether or not a police informer directed the torture and murder--those
    acts were carried out willingly by those who saw them as part and parcel of
    the correct Panther worldview. I also recall that Kathleen Cleaver responded
    to Lester's articles and lone voice of sanity by proclaiming him as a no
    good bourgeois photographer and writer for mass magazines. The point is that
    even back in that crazy time, there were solid civil rights activists like
    Lester-who worked with SNCC back then-who saw the Panthers for what they
    were. My friend David Horowitz is right- and no amount of name-calling by
    his left-wing opponents can hide the truths he tells. Ron Radosh

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    > In a message dated 6/12/00 David Horowitz wrote
    > << Ericka Huggins, a Panther icon,
    > poet etc. admitted that she boiled the water that other Panthers poured on
    > Alex
    > Rackley's chest before he was taken out an shot. >>
    > He leaves out that the Alex Rackley murder was directed by a police
    > who had infiltrated the New Haven panthers becoming head of security and
    > the orders and led the torture.. He was so out of it during the trial
    > he sat there drooling and nodding out.
    > roz payne

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