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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 23:16:58 CUT

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    > From: Michael Klonsky <>
    > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] Re: The Black Panthers
    > Horowitz' view of the world is simple. There are the criminals, ie. Fred
    > Hampton and Panthers, Malcolm X ("Any means necessary"), Dr. King
    > (dozens of arrests and convictions), Nelson Mandela (ANC killed many),
    > John Brown, Zapatistas, and Weatherman....and the
    > anti-criminals...States Atty Hanrahan (murdered Fred), FBI (killed
    > King?), CIA, South African regime (caught jailed the criminal Mandela),
    > feds hung the criminal Brown who believed in ending slavery By Any Means
    > Necessary (did he read The Prince?)...and Horowitz is clearly on the
    > side of law and order. It took the poets of the 60's to muddy up
    > Horowitz' paradigm and show criminal cops and sinning saints.
    > Mike Klonsky
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