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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:17:25 CUT

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    >Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 16:03:00 -0400
    >From: Center for Campus Organizing <cco@igc.org>
    >Subject: Student Activism Survey from the Center for Campus Organizing
    >At the Center for Campus Organizing we are compiling a report on
    >progressive student activism in the 1999-2000 school year. We are a non-
    >profit organization dedicated to helping progressive campus activists and
    >creating alternative media.
    >This is a chance for you to shine and tell us the great work you helped
    >organize on your college campus! We would be thrilled to hear your
    >responses. Go ahead and brag for a minute.
    >We are interested in creating a quantitative list of all radical actions on
    >social justice issues that took place at colleges and universities across
    >the country. This list, once it is incorporated into an article in
    >Infusion, the Center for Campus Organizing's national magazine will enable
    >us to provide hard facts about the vast number of actions and issues of the
    >student movement. We will be able to make our presence known. By
    >publishing the number of actions that took place on particular issues the
    >media will be forced to recognize the student movement's force in numbers.
    >Thank you so much for your time!
    >Please forward this to other campus activists.
    >Reply to cco@igc.org with Re: Student Activism Survey from the Center for
    >Campus Organizing in the subject field.
    >1. What was the best action organized on your campus last year (99-00)?
    >2. Why was this action organized?
    >3. What issue was organized around the most on your campus?
    >4. How many actions were organized in total?
    >5. What tactics were used in campaigns on your campus? How often was each
    > letter writing
    > education campaigns
    > What kind of education? leaflets, teach-ins, etc.
    > public forums
    > boycotts
    > guerrilla theater
    > If guerrilla theater was used, what did you do?
    > rallies
    > marches
    > cross-campus networks
    > What networks/organizations?
    > building occupations
    > hunger strikes
    > attending a large demonstration in another area (WTO, SOA, etc.)
    > How many people from your campus attended?
    > participation in a national day of action (Which?)
    > Other (Please explain)
    >6. What are the activist groups on your campus?
    >7. Did students organize most around issues that effected them directly
    >(access, curriculum, rape on campus, etc.), or on their school
    >(investments, procurement, etc.) or in solidarity with other oppressed
    >groups (labor solidarity, School of the Americas, etc.)?
    >8. Were women the primary organizers of any campaigns or actions? If so,
    >which campaigns?
    >9. Did women participate equally with men in campaigns or actions? Were
    >these just the actions/campaigns that women had primarily organized?
    >10. Were people of color the primary organizers of any campaigns or
    >actions? If so, which campaigns?
    >11. Did people of color participate equally with white people in campaigns
    >and actions? Were these just the actions/campaigns that people of color
    >primarily organized?
    >12. Were queers the primary organizers of any campaigns or actions? If
    >so, which?
    >13. Did queers participate equally with straight people in campaigns and
    >actions? Were these just the actions/campaigns that queers primarily
    >14. Do you think there is a coherent student movement?
    >15. Is a coherent student movement necessary for social change? If so,
    >what needs to happen to make the student movement more coherent?
    >16. What direction do you think student activists and the student movement
    >is going in terms of issues, analysis, strategies and tactics?
    >17. Do you think race, class, gender and sexuality are being adequately
    >addressed in the anti-globalization activism that students are purported to
    >be leading? If not, what needs to change?
    >18. Do you receive Infusion (Center for Campus Organizing magazine for
    >progressive campus activists)?
    >Would you like to?
    >The following is only for confirmation purposes and will not be shared.
    >Your name
    >Your school
    >(City, State, Zip Code and Country)
    >Where did you get this survey? (which email list, etc.)
    >Center for Campus Organizing
    >165 Friend Street, #1 Boston, MA 02114
    >Tel. (617) 725-2886 Fax. (617) 725-2873
    >cco@igc.org *** http://www.cco.org
    >"Building Progressive Organizing on College Campuses"

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