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Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 19:48:29 CUT

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    The word terrorist is subjective, in the eyes of the beholder.

    The Brits would have considered the Minutemen terrorists.
    I would consider the South between Reconstruction and the civil war era as
    run by terrorists.
    Israelis thought the PLO a terrorist organization and the Stern Gang patriots.
    The Palestinians thought the Stern Gang terrorists and the PLO patriots.

    "Terrorism" is a propagandist term and should be placed (delicately) in
    the trash bin of history.

    The Weatherman were more than confrontational, however. I mean radical
    pacifists were also confrontational. I respect (and knew and know) many
    who chose the Weathern route.
    I think they (and SDS as a whole after 69 or 70) must bare some
    responsibility for the destruction of the movement and the rise of the
    right. But that's a larger topic.

    Marty Jezer

    >Subject: "terrorists"
    >>and I agree, the weather people could hardly be called terrorist,
    confrontationalist definitely ...

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