Re: [sixties-l] where is Newsreel?

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Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 17:06:36 CUT

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    Talk about an underground classic... even the Newsreel people didn't want
    anyone to see Ice. It remained buried for years. Where is it available

    I was in SF when Newsreel shared space with the Mime Troope and hung out
    with them when I helped start a second or third regional SDS office. Recall
    having xmas and thanksgiving holidays with them in the Haight... now if I
    could only recall the names...

    sorry, did you send your website?

    best, Don

    ><< What ever happened to News Reel?
    > >>
    >We are everywhere. Just got back from videoing interviews with Newsreel
    >There were 10 of us watching Robert Kramers film Ice together. Robert was
    >one of the original Newsreel members . Sometimes for a moment, we didn't
    >recognize ourselves on the screen from 30 years ago . Robert recently died
    >and there is a retrospective of his films in Berkeley at the Pacific Film
    >Check out my web site for a list of Newsreel films I have. What do you
    >remember about Newsreel?
    >Roz Payne

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