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From: Scott Kerlin (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 20:16:28 CUT

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    Hi all:

    Speaking of generations, I recently noted that it's still possible to
    obtain the text A Generation in Motion: Popular Music and Culture in the
    Sixties by Paul Pichaske (paperback, 1979; available through Amazon as a
    special order item). This is a book I discovered in 1980, and since I'd
    been a rock and popular music archivist at Northwestern University in the
    1970s, it was very timely. Pichaske's book covered the political aspects
    of much of the rock of the sixties and that's what endeared me to his

    With this in mind, I'd like to ask whether any of you are aware of any
    websites that give a similar introduction to the social/political aspects
    of sixties music (both protest folk/rock and the changing nature of rock
    music over the decade, especially black music influences). The only site I
    have from the period is a retrospective of Woodstock:

    Please forward your recommendations to me privately at

    unless there is sufficient interest from others on the list for a public

    By the way, will the companion website for Sixties-L and the Sixties
    ( be
    having some new resources added? I'll bet there are plenty of goodies for
    list members to submit through their own research!

    Thanks very kindly,

    Scott Kerlin, Ph.D.

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