Re: [sixties-l] re: Steal this movie

Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 16:53:44 CUT

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    I did see Steal This Movie, in fact, I am portrayed in the film. I recently
    saw two preview showings - one was in Boulder Co. and the other in Portland
    Or. The Boulder audience reflected the college town population, it was young
    - and the reception was very enthusiastic. The audience cheered and laughed
    throughout the showing. In Portland the crowd was somewhat older but the
    reception was also very positive. I have been receiving e-mail from strangers
    telling me that they found Steal This Movie to be very inspiring. I have
    heard some negative reaction but it is a minority report. Let me add for the
    sake of full disclosure I have no commercial connections to the film.
    Personally I think its a real good movie and admire it's producer Robert
    Greenwald for making a movie about 60's politics and treating its characters
    with respect...Stew Albert --

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