[sixties-l] World War II Babies

From: Christine Kingsley (christiecr@juno.com)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 00:23:12 CUT

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    As a W,W,II baby and a red diaper baby, I felt like an anomaly as an
    activist in the late 60's and early 70's mostly. (before them i was
    rasing babies, but that's another story.) I didn't run into too many my
    age. Most of my friends were 7-10 years younger.
     But recently i had an experience that might be of interest. I do
    diversity/sensitivity training and was hired by the Racine Police
    Dept.(Racine, WI.) to give a workshop for all of their officers- 300
    Anyway, I found that their response was definitely by age: the most
    progressive group were baby boomers, followed by some of the young
    officers maybe, 22-27, but the other half of this age group acted almost
    completely disinterested and apolitical. But the worst group, those men
    who openly scoffed or ridiculed me and my message were mostly officers of
    my own age group, over 55. Didn't do much for confidence in my age
    group's politics.

    One last thing-I agree with what Marty had to say about our patriotism
    and our greater sense of hope and of perhaps a more conservative social
    agenda. .I do think there is a difference in how you see the world if you
    were born pror to or during WWII. For some of us, that difference was
    still expressed in radical politics but sadly, for most of my generation,
    it seems to be expressed conservatively.

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