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From: Martin Blank (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 22:32:10 CUT

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    Jeffrey Apfel wrote:

    > radman wrote:
    > radman says:
    > anybody else see this thing? is it really that bad?
    > No, but when I see a quote like this from the review
    > >you not only know what's going to happen, you're already
    > >wincing at how trite it all seems.
    > it reminds me once again of a theme that surfaced in this group way back
    > in the 1990s: the relative
    > paucity of powerful films (fiction, too) dealing with the era.

    why would you look for the sixties in novels (or fiction). the sixties
    killed the novel, so why would you expect to find the distillation of that
    experience in a form that had proved to be too small and limited to hold
    the age the first time around. don't forget what tom wolfe said: "No
    novelist will be remembered as the novelist who captured the sixties in
    America." The sixties in america were too 3-dimensional and
    multi-directional to ever be contained in a two-diminsional as a novel.
    it's like cmparing the acid test to saul bellow.

    martin blank

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