[sixties-l] Ron missed Third world NR

From: paul mcisaac (paulmci@rcn.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 18:22:36 CUT

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    Ron Jacobs wrote....

    >ONe element of Newsreel exists as San Francisco
    >Newsreel--the rest of the
    >group faded away. Robert Kramer died last year.
    >Payne, another
    >member, lives in Vermont and maintains the
    >- -ron jacobs

    Ron you got it mostly right...New York Newsreel
    (the founding group) was re-directed and re-named
    in the early '70s into Third World Newsreel. They
    are alive, well and can be found at

    Also, there is a Robert Kramer Retrospective going
    on now at the Pacific Film Archive
    Berkeley Art Museum..reach them at...


    Paul McIsaac..(former NY Newsreel).

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