Re: [sixties-l] "Generation" as the wrong focus

From: Neil Friedman (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 11:06:44 CUT

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    In response to Jezer, Klonsky et al I want to check that it is ok to use
    the list in this way and try to clarify what I was intending to say and
    ask for help about.

    Tom Hayden, John Lewis, and Bob Moses - to name 3 - were 1940s babies
    not baby boomers. There are probably others whose names could be added
    to this list - signicant contributors to the civil rights and New Left
    who were pre-boomers but 1940-1945 born. Has anyone seen this
    observation in print? If so where and what is made of it? There is a lot
    of theorizing about why the boomers contributed what thye did in the
    sixties - in the at least post 1964 or maybe even 1968 sixties. I see
    the sixties as needing to be sub-periodized to be understood with the
    1960-1963 time being one phase and the 1968-1970 another. (I don't know
    what to do yet about 1964-1967). But I see the leadership of these two
    different periods as having been born in different times, only the
    latter being the boomers. This is interesting to me - it may not be to
    everyone! - and I am intersted in any further thoughts people have about
    this observation. This is real-time thinking in public and asking for
    help and I hope the list can be used in this way.

    Many blessings,

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