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    We started an "affinity group" that consisted of about 25 people from RSU
    at UC and met weekly over dinner to plan activities. When the National
    Guard came into town, we met them with coffee and donuts (they were not the
    enemy) but the powers that be claimed (to keep us away from them) that
    someone had slipped LSD into the coffee and they were ordered not to accept
    anything from us. Our goals was to show them we were human, just like them
    and to argue the cause of People's Park against the corporations that ran
    the university.

    best, Don Monkerud

    >I don't remember too many really humerous antics, tho I'm
    >sure they happened all the time.
    >One time during People's Park, my buddy and I approached a Nat'l
    >Guard truck, and while I conversed with the guys in the cab, my buddy
    >let the air outta there tires. And I knew a young lady who would wear
    >no panties with her mini-skirts in an att6empt to frustrate the Guards.
    >But what I really remember is seeing two demented sons of bitches
    >in Alameda sheriff garb ( the same assholes who shot up the folks on
    >Telegraph ) tracking me down Shattuck...altho I was just walking down the
    >street looking for work. That and the night they beat the crap out of a
    >pregnant woman while invading the Free Health Clinic.
    >Sorry, no happy memories here.
    >Dan Grabowski
    >PS _ I apologize for the anger.
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    >>I am interested to know if anyone has information on some of the more
    >>flamboyant Berkeley "street theater" events of the late 1960s. I remember
    >>watching, at a meeting of some new East Bay agit-prop group, a film or
    >>television special on people happening to put antiwar billboards up in San
    >>Francisco. Later, some of us did some "everywhere in one night"
    >>posters-putting against the war. Then there were some funny actions during
    >>the San Francisco State strike. And so on.
    >> Obviously, one still can feel hesitant to discuss details of
    >>the ones I'm thinking of were certainly nonviolent, were barely
    >>really--yet is anyone collecting the basic info., at least?
    >> Paula

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