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    I don't remember too many really humerous antics, tho I'm
    sure they happened all the time.
    One time during People's Park, my buddy and I approached a Nat'l
    Guard truck, and while I conversed with the guys in the cab, my buddy
    let the air outta there tires. And I knew a young lady who would wear
    no panties with her mini-skirts in an att6empt to frustrate the Guards.
    But what I really remember is seeing two demented sons of bitches
    in Alameda sheriff garb ( the same assholes who shot up the folks on
    Telegraph ) tracking me down Shattuck...altho I was just walking down the
    street looking for work. That and the night they beat the crap out of a
    pregnant woman while invading the Free Health Clinic.
    Sorry, no happy memories here.

    Dan Grabowski

    PS _ I apologize for the anger.

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    Subject: [sixties-l] in Berkeley in the sixties

    >I am interested to know if anyone has information on some of the more
    >flamboyant Berkeley "street theater" events of the late 1960s. I remember
    >watching, at a meeting of some new East Bay agit-prop group, a film or
    >television special on people happening to put antiwar billboards up in San
    >Francisco. Later, some of us did some "everywhere in one night"
    >posters-putting against the war. Then there were some funny actions during
    >the San Francisco State strike. And so on.
    > Obviously, one still can feel hesitant to discuss details of
    >the ones I'm thinking of were certainly nonviolent, were barely
    >really--yet is anyone collecting the basic info., at least?
    > Paula

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