Re: [sixties-l] novel chapters and "Gone with the Wind" and real world

From: jo grant (jgrant@BOOKZEN.COM)
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 03:48:26 CUT

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    I can register your domian name for $20 for the the first year, and $20 for
    each year following. For a domain there are many that charge $19.95 a month
    for all the space a sisties donain will ever use. If I can help let me know.

    >With due respect to Brent and to Jeff, I most sincerely hope novels some of
    >us have written do a MUCH better job than GWTW of showing real people in a
    >real world/time. Not that I didn't enjoy Ms. Mitchell's book, just that I
    >enjoyed it at age 14.
    > Meanwhile--
    > To start the site, we need to register a domaine name; this requires
    >everyone kicking in money. So does the monthly charge for an ISP (anyone
    >have ideas of one?) Brent, if you're going to design the site, do you also
    >intend to maintain it? If so, do you have ideas for a good ISP?
    > Meanwhile, if I'm going to look over the chapters and make any
    >pre-posting suggestions to people, maybe people want to start sending them
    >soon. BUT NOTE that I shall be away June 13 through 25; probably best if
    >things reach me in the June 26 through July 8 timeslot (or asap thereafter).
    >My snailmail address is 5522 Tehama Ave., Richmond, CA 94804; please send
    >only on pc disk, preferably in rtf or in wordperfect, your novel chapters
    >(again--after June 26--or on time to reach me before June 13). Sorry, not by
    >email--I don't download documents. I guess I'm asking an awful lot of trust;
    >I realize that. (I can only say, hey I got great rad credentials,
    >references, etc.)
    > I'm sure, by the way, there are some legal/business issues we have to go
    >into. Like, do we incorporate (probably wise), do we go for nonprofit
    >status, and don't we need some sort of small bank account (to assure we can
    >pay timely the ISP). If Brent does design/tech, and I head up
    >edit/acquisitions, with the couple of you who've also offered to
    >edit/proofread, it'd be good for someone else to play banker, write the
    >check/s to the ISP and re domaine--Renny, would you?
    > We need, too, to clarify our personal retentions of copyrights, and
    >probably we need some sort of contract--that this is for use on this site
    >only, not for commercial sale or reproduction, that we each retain all
    >rights, can pull our piece at any time (AND in particular if the site were to
    >go under the control of other/whatever), and so on. I think the NWU
    >(National Writers Union) has done work on this sort of thing. Is anyone else
    >a member and willing to check this? Has anyone any lawyer friend who'd pro
    >bono help on any of these issues--and is competent in this area?
    > With regard to copyright, too--I hate to say this, but someone indicated
    >his novel uses pieces/lines from lots of songs popular then, and I think they
    >cannot go up (be published, in any form) without written permission. . .which
    >can be VERY VERY expensive.
    > Venceremos, Paula

    "In the defense of Freedom and Literacy, Libraries are the most powerful
    weapons we have. Use them."
    --Maria Norlander Martinez, The Incredible Librarian

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