Re: [sixties-l] novel chapters and "Gone with the Wind" and real world

Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 04:04:16 CUT

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    With due respect to Brent and to Jeff, I most sincerely hope novels some of
    us have written do a MUCH better job than GWTW of showing real people in a
    real world/time. Not that I didn't enjoy Ms. Mitchell's book, just that I
    enjoyed it at age 14.
       To start the site, we need to register a domaine name; this requires
    everyone kicking in money. So does the monthly charge for an ISP (anyone
    have ideas of one?) Brent, if you're going to design the site, do you also
    intend to maintain it? If so, do you have ideas for a good ISP?
        Meanwhile, if I'm going to look over the chapters and make any
    pre-posting suggestions to people, maybe people want to start sending them
    soon. BUT NOTE that I shall be away June 13 through 25; probably best if
    things reach me in the June 26 through July 8 timeslot (or asap thereafter).
    My snailmail address is 5522 Tehama Ave., Richmond, CA 94804; please send
    only on pc disk, preferably in rtf or in wordperfect, your novel chapters
    (again--after June 26--or on time to reach me before June 13). Sorry, not by
    email--I don't download documents. I guess I'm asking an awful lot of trust;
    I realize that. (I can only say, hey I got great rad credentials,
    references, etc.)
        I'm sure, by the way, there are some legal/business issues we have to go
    into. Like, do we incorporate (probably wise), do we go for nonprofit
    status, and don't we need some sort of small bank account (to assure we can
    pay timely the ISP). If Brent does design/tech, and I head up
    edit/acquisitions, with the couple of you who've also offered to
    edit/proofread, it'd be good for someone else to play banker, write the
    check/s to the ISP and re domaine--Renny, would you?
      We need, too, to clarify our personal retentions of copyrights, and
    probably we need some sort of contract--that this is for use on this site
    only, not for commercial sale or reproduction, that we each retain all
    rights, can pull our piece at any time (AND in particular if the site were to
    go under the control of other/whatever), and so on. I think the NWU
    (National Writers Union) has done work on this sort of thing. Is anyone else
    a member and willing to check this? Has anyone any lawyer friend who'd pro
    bono help on any of these issues--and is competent in this area?
      With regard to copyright, too--I hate to say this, but someone indicated
    his novel uses pieces/lines from lots of songs popular then, and I think they
    cannot go up (be published, in any form) without written permission. . .which
    can be VERY VERY expensive.
       Venceremos, Paula

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