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From: Neil Friedman (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 07:00:42 CUT

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    I doubt that therews a 'real' revolution period.There was a politics of
    escalating rhetoric built around the phrase 'the revolution' but what
    concretely was there that in any way approached that? What would a 'real
    revolution' look like in America? Was there not simply disruption on a
    scale sometimes unknwon before - e.g. the National Student Strike of May
    1970 which was the largest in ur history of that kind? Is it accurate to
    call the counterculture 'revolutionary'? and if so what does the phrase
    REALLY mean in that context?
    Looking at the 'membership lists' what is the overlap between SDS at any
    stage and YAF accordingly? Is there a left-wing and right-wing
    Libertarianistic-like similarity?
    More questions than answers.....

    Many blessings,

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