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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 07:05:21 CUT

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    radman says:
    anybody else see this thing? is it really that bad?
    SXSW 2000 Film Festival and Conference
    March 24, 2000:

    Steal This Movie!

    Dir/Co-Prod: Robert Greenwald; Scr: Bruce Graham; Exec Prod: Jon Avnet;
    Co-Prod: Robert Greenwald, Jake Rose, Liz Selzer; DP: Dennis Lenoir; Ed:
    Kimberley Ray; Cast:
    Vincent D'Onofrio, Janeane Garofalo, Kevin Pollak, Jeanne Tripplehorn,
    Kevin Corrigan, Donal Logue, Troy Garrity.
    35mm, 103 min., 2000

    Greenwald's Abbie Hoffman biopic has a pretty wishful title:
    Overwrought and cluttered as it is, it's unlikely anyone's going to enjoy
    it, much less make plans to take a copy home with them.
    D'Onofrio is fine as the Yippie-founding Sixties radical, but the
    script jumps around from Hoffman's wild salad days with the
    Chicago Seven and co-conspirators Jerry Rubin (Kevin Corrigan)
    and Tom Hayden (Troy Garity) to his increasingly paranoid
    wanderings during the 1970s to his final, lonely suicide. Garofalo
    takes a stab at a non-comedic role for a change, and as Hoffman's
    wife, Anita, she brings a touch of maudlin feminism to the role.
    Clearly, it's not her forte, and the pedantic script doesn't do her any
    favors either. The film posits Hoffman as the perpetually
    beleaguered underdog of the movement, a countercultural hero
    made all the more heroic by the fact that in the end he was alone
    and unsupported by his original allies, who had since gone on to
    somewhat more respectable avenues. Hoffman's actions and
    subversive theatrics are undercut by the film's muddled need to
    explain every facet of his mindset, when, of course, one of the most
    interesting things about the Sixties counterculture was how no one
    really ever knew what was going to happen next. With Steal this
    Movie!, you not only know what's going to happen, you're already
    wincing at how trite it all seems.

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