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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 00:42:53 CUT

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    For reasons not totally clear to me (help appreciated) I think it is
    the World War 2 babies and the baby boomers (1946-?) who define a
    progressive cohort which is "the pig in the "python", the "age wave",
    whose numbers and politics shape the structure of reform in the second
    part of the 20th century in the USA.
    To me the sixties start with the civil rights movement and move into the
    student power and anti-war movements and onward into the various
    identity movements and counter culture of the late sixties.
    I include the world war two babies because so many of them were so
    important at the start (and later) of the sixties - Tom Hayden, Bob
    Moses, Charles Sherrod etc.
    It is this - something - of people who when they are young fuel the
    civil rights and student movements, as they age the womens' and gay and
    lesbian and 'identity politics' movement - and if you want to predict
    where the cutting age of social change in the states will sooon be - ask
    how old we are now.
    We are between 60 and (I forget the exact end-of-the-boomers date) about
    (I just looked it up) 36. (that seeems too young to me.)
    What are our issues: health, life expectancy, retirement, death, coming
    into our prime - there is variation. But I think it is in fact (thinking
    as I write) that the older-end of us will be the ones who define the
    next real battlegrounds of progessive social change in America vis a vis
    - social security, medicare, assisted suicide, right-to-die, the use of
    alternative and complementary medicine, life-extension, elder rights and
    education....etc. Atthe same time another group will be involved with
    technology and the internet and I know less about what may happen there.
    But our group will be for progressive social change without qute the
    kind of activism of our youth but something resembling it. Aging, health
    care-giving, retirement, and dying will never be the same in America
    once we get done with them.......

    Many blessings,

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