[sixties-l] Two new books on the communal experience

From: Marty Jezer (mjez@sover.net)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 16:11:22 CUT

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    There are two new and excellent books about the communal experience of the
    1960s and 1970s.

    (new to this list), Malcolm Terence, and Susan Keese, published by Black
    Bear Mining and Publishing Company.

    THE 60s COMMUNES; HIPPIES AND BEYOND by Timothy Miller, Syracuse U. Press.

    Free Land is about the Black Bear commune in the wilds of northern
    California. The articles and essays are written by members of the commune
    during its early days and really capture the experience of trying to
    reinvent civilized living anew. Black Bear was really rugged and rural. I
    lived on a New England commune that was pretty primitive, but the folks at
    Black Bear made us look like suburban day-trippers. (We at least had an
    actual outhouse!) Yet, the issues that riveted them -- and the way they
    dealt with them -- are similar to my experience in Vermont. Black Bear
    absorbed many currents from the new left to the new age and the book is

    Don, I hope you'll tell folks how to buy it.

    The Miller book is an intelligent and sympathetic overview of the communal
    movement when it was at it's height. Miller interviewed many communal
    veterans (me included) and knows the literature. The book covers a lot of
    ground and is true to the experience.

    Marty Jezer

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