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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 21:53:50 CUT

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    New to this group ... a friend signed me up because we have a new book out
    ... no major publishers interested supposedly so we independently
    published, although Amazon sales are slow but steady.

    A great idea. One of our objectives is to reclaim our history. Especially
    with proto-fascist like Pat Buccanan running on the Reform ticket ...

    I'll send more info later.

    best, Don

    >I am thrilled by the interest expressed in the novel chapters site. Shall
    >send a more detailed outline/plan on this later this weekend. This time,
    >we're going to make this work--with, of course, lots of links and search
    >engine "find-ability".
    > Re the possibility of interest in German, Dutch, other European
    >languages/countries--my impression is these have had more interest than have
    >US publishers in serious fiction on the sixties.
    >TimeAOLWarnerGeneralWhat/Whoever is not too inclined to fund serious
    >subversive thought, one would think.
    > Venceremos, Paula

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