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From: jo grant (jgrant@bookzen.com)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 19:42:50 CUT

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    A person who might be helpful is Gerald Nicosia. He's best known for his
    crtical biiography of Jack Keroauc, but once his book, "HOME TO WAR: A
    History of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War" hits the books stores
    (late this fall) his name will become a household word with Viet Vets and
    their families. 900 hours of Gerry's taped interviews with Viet vets are
    presently secure in a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Archive at U.C. Santa Cruz.

    I'll forward your post to him. He's very busy finishing up the final edit
    of his book and I'm reluctant to post his E-mail address. But he'll get
    your message.

    j grant

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    >> im a reporter for national public radio. id like to talk to men who
    >> served in vietnam only in a non combatant role because of their
    >> objection to the war. does a group or list of their names exist? thanks
    >> . asap please.

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