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Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 02:01:37 CUT

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    From: Scott Kerlin <skerlin@teleport.com>

    Hi, everyone:

    I, too, am happy to see this list active, though it came as a bit of a
    surprise. I'd originally been planning to use it last fall when I taught a
    senior seminar in social theory from a historical perspective for
    Washington State University's Vancouver campus. We focused on the "great
    lessons" of the 20th century, built a 20th century virtual time capsule
    (using my history website: http://www.teleport.com/~skerlin/history.html),
    and we focused heavily on the issues and events of the 1960s. One book I
    taught was Judith Clavir Albert's book "The Sixties Papers: Documents from
    A Rebellious Decade". It's still available via Greenwood Publishers,
    though originally published by Praeger in the early 80s.

    I have two questions to ask, since this year I'm overloaded with online
    work and need to effectively manage my mail volume: (1) How can we get a
    digest of postings to this list (like once a day)? Is it a listserv list,
    or does it respond to listserv commands?

    [moderator says:
    -for the digest, unsubscribe sixties-l; and then resubscribe sixties-l-digest
    -this is a majordomo list and responds to majordomo commands]

    (2) Will these discussions and resources be archived on the web? If yes,
    what will be the address for them?

    [moderator says:
    the list will be archived at:

    My wife and I manage an online discussion forum about graduate education
    issues (AERA-GSL), and we've found it helpful to post "how to
    subscribe/unsubscribe" and list website info at the bottom of each message
    automatically, using the listserv software.

    [moderator says:
    perhaps this can be done in majordomo; i will check and see if
    implementation is possible]

    Thank you very kindly, and welcome back,

    Scott Kerlin, Ph.D.

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