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    I'm not sure where such a list can be obtained, but there are certainly a
    number of people who could be interviewed. One who comes to mind is Basil
    Paquet, the much-admired poet of the war who lives in the Miami area. He
    did alternative service as a medic. Perhaps the best-known person who
    fits your description is John Balaban, perhaps the best-known poet of the
    Vietnam War. He did his alternative service with the Committee of
    Responsibility for War Burned Children and then went back on his own to
    record Vietnamese poetry. He also lives in the Miami area and teaches at
    U of M, Coral Gables. Another person fitting your needs, one who
    unfortunately died a little over a year ago, is James Daly, author of A
    Hero's Welcome. He was a black c.o. who refused to carry a weapon, was
    wounded, subsequently captured, and spent nearly five years as a POW. His
    book is being reissued this summer, with a foreword by me. If I can think
    of more, I'll write again.

    Jeff Loeb

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    > im a reporter for national public radio. id like to talk to men who
    > served in vietnam only in a non combatant role because of their
    > objection to the war. does a group or list of their names exist? thanks
    > . asap please.

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