Re: Derivation of Rick Griffin's 'Aoxomoxoa' title for Grateful Dead album.

From: margi barlow (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 06:07:05 CUT

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    from David Barlow (

    I am researching and writing a book on '60s psychedelic art'. My
    question concerns the derivation of the palindrome (a word spelled
    identically forwards, or backwards) for the Grateful Dead album title
    'Aoxomoxoa'. The design was done by Rick Griffin - and the title was
    his, also. One internet site suggests that Griffin had used the word in
    a 'surfer' comic, prior to the album - in which an 'alien surfer'
    exclaimed 'Aoxomoxoa' in reply to another surfer's 'Cowabunga'. I would
    like to hear from anyone with direct evidence (including comic name,
    publication, date, volume, page etc.) of this. With thanks.

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