Social Activist Movements in California Audio Archive

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Thu, 06 May 1999 17:55:45 -0700

To All:

I thought this announcement might interest many of the "sixties" people.

Karl Slinkard

Social Activist Movements In California Audio Archive: A Media
Resources Center/Pacifica Foundation Partnership=20

The Media Resources Center, with the support of the Bancroft Library Free
Speech Movement Project, has recently entered into a unique partnership
with radio station KPFA (Berkeley) and its parent organization, the
Pacifica Foundation, to build a web-based collection of historical audio
recordings related to California social activist movements of the 1960s.The
first phase of this project will focus on the Berkeley Free Speech
Movement. The project coincides with the 50thAnniversary of the Pacifica
Foundation, the oldest alternative public broadcasting network in the
United States (see

Gary Handman, Head of the Media Center, in collaboration with Pacifica's
archivists, has identified an initial 30-40 hours of programming related to
the FSM, including notable speeches of Mario Savio and other FSM
principals; deliberations of the UCB Academic Senate on issues related to
the FSM; songs of the FSM; and a wide variety of "actualities" (on-site
recordings of FSM events). These recordings are being digitized and
incorporated into a newly-developed MRC/Pacifica web site ( Listening to the recordings
requires a sound card and speakers and either RealAudio or StreamWorks
audio players (available from and

Other recordings slated for the future include programming related to the
Black Panthers and the Berkeley anti-war movement.=20

For more information regarding this project, contact Gary Handman at
643-8566 or

=96 Gary Handman
Director, Media Resources Center=20