Lyrics to Aretha Franklin songs (multiple responses)
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 13:51:55 -0500


From: "JW Anderson" <>
Subject: Re: Aretha Franklin

>I hope my English was good enough to be understood. I'm writing from Spain,
>and I'm an Aretha Franklin's fan. I feel her music and I love it, but I
>can't properly understand what she says in them. I would be very pleased to
>be send or informed about the lyrics on 'Think' and 'Respect'. If you can't
>do it, where can I find them (in the web)?

I've has pretty good luck with "Lyrics World"...
This site has lyrics in both English and Portuguese.

Otherwise go to the "Lyrics Ring" at...

JW Anderson



From: "Drs. M. de Groot" <>
Subject: Re: Aretha Franklin

Try the following url's:

M. de Groot

The 1968 Magazine:
The 1968 Links: