Men in women's movement (multiple responses)
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 10:27:20 -0500


From: "James L. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: wlm

Karen: Warren Farrell, Bob Blauner, Michael Messner, Michael Kimmel, and
other men have been involved in the women's movement and/or men's movement
that was influenced by the women's movement. Paul Sargent in Sociology at
San Diego State University studies this and related issues, and is
organizing a seminar/group discussion on them; you might want to contact
him. Good luck, Jim

James L. Wood <>


From: Nance Cedar <>
Subject: Re: Anitwar and social movements

I can speak to my experience going from the antiwar movement to the
women's movement. Many women in the antiwar movement became very
angry that men got most, if not all, of the leadership positions,
while the women did most of the grassroots organizing.



From: Marty Jezer <>
Subject: Re: wlm

See if you can find a book called MEN AGAINST SEXISM, edited by Jon
Snodgrass, Times Change Press, 1977. Win Magazine (often available on
micrfilm), published by the War Resisters League, had a special issue
April 11, 1975. My bio on Abbie Hoffman, Abbie Hoffman: American
Rebel (Rutgers U Press, 1992) has a chapter covering Abbie's reaction
to it. Robin Morgan and other early and militant feminists ran in the
same bohemian left circles as did Abbie and the Yippies, so he felt
the brunt. And he responded was interesting and not untypical.


Marty Jezer,

Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words (Basic Books)
Abbie Hoffman: American Rebel (Rutgers University Press)
The Dark Ages: Life in the USA, 1945-1960 (South End Press)
Rachel Carson [American Women of Achievement Series] (Chelsea House)

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