New Exhibits Online at the Sixties Project

Kali Tal (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 17:30:16 -0700

Hi, folks. If you haven't checked out the Sixties Project site lately, now
would be a good time to visit. I've given the site a whole new look over
the past couple of months, and just about all of the files are now
up-to-date. Without a doubt, this is the largest Web resource on the

I've just finished uploading two new online exhibitions. The first is
"Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Viet Nam,
Cuba, 1965-1975" sponsored by Track 16 Gallery, the Center for the Study of
Political Graphics, and Smart Art Press. Several years ago Susan Martin of
Track 16 sent me graphics and a gorgeous full-color catalog and gave me
permission to put the show online, but I haven't had time to finish the
work until now. Once you see the color graphics, you may be inspired to
buy your own hard copy catalog.

The second Exhibition features "Sixties Buttons", mainly from a collection
donated to the Sixties Project by Tane Datta, a DC area activist during the
Sixties. I'd like to use Tane's collection as a base and expand the
on-line exhibit to include buttons in other people's collections as well.
I'm also interested in collecting information on the provenance of the
buttons in the collection.

The exhibitions can be accessed at the following URL:

I'd also like to encourage SIXTIES-L subscribers to submit their own
personal narratives of the Sixties, so that I can post them on the web
site. You can fill out the on-line form at:

or just send an email containing your narrative to (Make sure to put the phrase "Personal
Narrative" in the Subject field if you send email.)

And just in case you run across an error or problem with the site, please
DO email me. I maintain the site single-handedly, so I can't keep up with
it without the help of the folks who visit.

Kali Tal
Sixties Project