anti-war reunion

Mike Garrison (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:29:46 -0800

Call to action. Some of you might remember my attempt in 1997 to gather
together participants in the Oct.1967 march on the Pentagon for a reunion
of anti-war protestors. Well, despite its failure I haven't given up on my
opinion that it is important to history to get together one more time to
show that we have not changed our essential beliefs over the years. The
next obvious opportunity for a reunion event will be the 30 yr. anniversary
of the Moratorium/Mobilization of October and November, 1969. History is
written, it is said, 30 years after the fact and the revisionists and
"stab-in-the-back" theorists are certainly busy writing school texts,
articles and internet pages...all blaming the protestors for the loss of
the war. We can let this stuff stand or use the opportunity of one last
gathering to present our side.
What can you do now? Send this appeal to your friends, listservs, web
pages, organizations and colleagues. Talk up the possibility of a reunion,
communicate and reason together. Contact me, Mike Garrison at if you can help with a web page (as Che would
have said: "one, two, three...many web pages")
and any other organizational assistance. Peace, Mike