Re: Hoover, Kennedy, etc., multiple posts
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:26:01 -0500

From: Steve Warren <>

Marilyn Monroe may have been murdered first; and keeping it in the family,
let's not forget Mary Jo Kopechne. The Kennedys got away with plenty, and
no one lives forever.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for JFK again if he were alive today.

>Hoover didn't expose Kennedy because Kennedy threatened, in return, to
>expose the fact that Hoover was gay.
>Also, people think that Kennedy got away with much more than Clinton ever
>did. Not true. Let us not forget that Kennedy was murdered. If that's
>getting away with something.....
>Hugh Smith
>San Jose, CA

From: mjaffe <>

Dear Sixties People:

Hoover did in fact interfere with one of Kennedy's dalliances long before
he became president. At a mere 20-years of age, he was socking it to
Danish-born Inga Arvad, a "28-year old beauty" with associations in Nazi
Germany who was currently living in Washington DC. Jack called her
"Inga-Binga" and she called him "Honeysuckle." Rumor has it that Arvad had
had affairs with Goring and Hitler whom she described as "very kind, very
charming." Hoover made sure that Jack Kennedy was transferred out of
Washington immediately. Hoover also claims that Joe Kennedy, Jack's
father, once said to him "that he should have gelded Jack when he was a
young boy."

But Kennedy had plenty on Hoover as well. He and Clyde were heavy gamblers
with numerous friends in the Mafia who made sure that Hoover & Co. remained
well-oiled. (What with the high cost of dresses and wigs in those days).
Hoover continued to rake in plenty during his long term in office, in part
because he had information on various presidents that they wanted kept
under wraps. See Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar
Hoover, by Anthony Summers, for an interesting read.

This morning, The San Diego Union Tribune triumphantly headlined its
right-wing rag with one word: "IMPEACHED." As Erich Fried, activist poet,
so succinctly put it:

In The Capital

'Who rules here?'
I asked.
They said:
'The people naturally.'

I said:
'Naturally the people
but who
really rules?'