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i recall that the underground press syndicate (aka the alternative press
syndicate) had this microfilm deal with bell and howell...anyway, i
beleive you can view some at the taniment librart at new york university

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Univ of Wisconsin, Madison, houses thousands of pages of source material
in the form of "underground" and alternative newspapers on microfilm.
I'm rather certain collection goes beyond "GI Press," but if not,
librarians should assist in better directions. Irwin Silber, former
editor of Guardian is in SF Bay Area, perhaps lurking here & used to be
listed in phone book. Someone here knows how to reach him. Special
prize. See if you can locate copy of "Liberated Guardian," printed by
strikers in '70, I think.

CCCO Natl HQ, in Philadelphia? (Central Cmte for Conscientious
Objection) should be able to direct you to Resist archives. Hopefully,
someday, a bunch of this stuff will be up here.


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Roz, I have a few boxes of LNS's. Roz