Re: Bringing the war home (multiple posts)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 17:29:22 -0500

From: Joe McDonald <> wrote:

> The gender war still continues.
> >The
> >vast majority of Afro-American men are still as male-chauvinist as
> >ever.
> >They refer quite openly to women as bitches and holes. And the
> >attitude
> >of some Afro-American women is less than exemplary.

> aside from this posting having a typo "holes" meaning "hoes" short for
> whores, this is just pure racist rant. i am surprize that it got
> posted. i would like to see the statistics and references for this
> statement if it is really more than just a rude flip comment. cheers,
> country joe mcdonald

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From: Stephen Denney <>

> >HQ right here in Orange County California. Where else? The Ky mafia
> >a cut on every dollar taken in by every legitimate and illegitimate
> >business done by Vietnamese in the U.S.

I doubt this story about Ky is true. Perhaps you could provide some evidence?
I also tend to believe most Vietnamese refugees would find your statement
offensive and distorting. They are now part of the Asian American
community in the U.S., and like other Asian Americans have been subjected
to pretty awful stereotypes.
I recall that when Vietnamese refugees first arrived in the U.S. in 1975
some anti-war demonstrators protested and urged them to go back. After
the boat people started fleeing Vietnam in large numbers in the late
1970s, some accused the refugees of being prostitutes, war criminals at
worst, or middle class people at best looking for better economic
Why were they subject to such misleading accusations? Perhaps
because their flight reflected badly on the post-75 regime in Vietnam.
- Steve Denney