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drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 22:24:25 -0800 (PST)

] I have a 30 day trial subscription to the ludicrous magazine
] SLATE, and this morning they pointed to an AP story that ran in
] the Washington Post. It seems there's been yet another cyber innovation,
] wherein men can register (starting today) with the Selective Service at
] the organization's web site. In addition to being "convenient," this is
] also being heralded as a "social control masterpiece." "Now the only way
] to symbolically protest a paperless draft would be to burn
] Best,
] John McMillian

Has anyone ever thought about the really silly part?

What if there are 'spammers' who go after the site?
Will their 'spam' get them 'registered'??????

The part that most persons seem to like to space
out between the hither and nod is that part of the
USC about who is a member of the 'militia' and 'eligible'
to be called upon in times of national emergency et al....

that is a standing piece that does NOT get 'protested'
perchance because most americans forget that males up
to the age of 65, and women who were commissioned members
of the armed forces, are liable to this.....

ah yes.......

It will be amusing if my son decides to 'side slam' the
nice Selective Service Board - especially if he hits in
from some overseas site - and would that put him in board 100
with the rest of the G.I. Brats who registered overseas but
forgot to 'transfer' to a local board when they came CONUS???

excuse me while I just giggle at the complete assininity of
this folly of the Carter Administration - perchance as a part
of the whole 'down sizing' of government, we should see about
getting rid of this, and Congress' other efforts to spam the internet
with the rest of it's pornographic material.....


ps: or the other alternative, maybe now it IS time to take the
Government out of the hands of Civilians since they have so clearly
done such a Bad Job of it all of these years... What with electing
"B" Grade Actors.... and ....

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