Re: Feminist Male bashing

Dolores Janiewski (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:52:23 +1300 (NZDT)

If anyone wants to revisit the l960s in relation to gender issues, please
remember the bestselling radical text by Eldridge Cleaver that boasted
about revolutionary raping, in which he first experimented on black women
before starting on white women. Was he a celebrated author? Did did
people notice the sexism in that book? I was appalled when I read it.

I also remember when Eldridge Cleaver was running for Vice-President on the
Peace and Freedom party in l968 and began raving about "pussy power" at a
campaign speech at New Rochelle. Women, (or was it that term he used,)
were supposed to sleep with men on the "right" side, that was what women
could do for the revolution! I walked out upon that occasion and wondered
why the Peace and Freedom Party had chosen him for vice-president. I
preferred to campaign for someone who didn't treat me or other women as
sexual conveniences for male radicals.

If men are going to start complaining about angry women, they should
remember the history of the so-called sexual revolution from a female
perspective. Remember the National Airlines slogans, "Hi, I'm Debbie, Fly
me?" followed be "We really move our tails for you." How different were
the gender attitudes of radical men? Were't there good reasons that
feminism developed out of the Civil Rights movement and the New Left?

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