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From: Karl Slinkard <>
Subject: Re: QUERY: ROTC & antiwar activism


ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. If you join the ROTC in
college, you receive money for school, military training and an obligation
to serve in the military on graduation. It is a program to supplement the
military career colleges (West Point, The Naval Academy, The Airforce
Academy, etc.)

For example: taken at random from the web:





The Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps offers several
scholarships to students
who want to prusue an Officer Commission in the U.S.
Regular Army,
Reserves, or National Guard. The value of the
the eligiblity criteria, and obligations are
listed below.

Please contact Captain Mark Lundtvedt if you have questions
or call at 363-2342.

ROTC Scholarships

There are three levels of Scholarships paid on an annual
basis towards tuition only:


Each scholarship also includes $450 annually for books, and $150
monthly cadet steiphen Sep to May.

Application Dedlines

High School Students

15 July - Early Decision for High School Juniors
15 November - Regular Decision for High School Seniors
1 April - Nurse Decision for seniors who want to be a nurse

College Students

Apply for a three or two year scholarship from the ROTC department
in Room 11, Stewart Hall any time between 1 Dec and 20 Feb!


1.Must be a U.S. Citizen
2.Be 17 years of age by October 1, and under 25 years of age by June 30
on the year you graduate from college
3.Be a high school graduate
4.Receive at least a minimum SAT of 850 or ACT of 19
5.Satisfactorily explain any record of arrest and/or civil conviction
6.Have no moral obligation or personal conviction that will prevent you
from defending the Constitution of the United States or conscientiously
bearing arms
7.Pass a medical physical, hearing, and eye test


1.Sign a contract to activate your scholarship
2.Pursue an academic dicipline
3.Maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale at all times
4.Attend a 6 week ROTC Advanced Camp normally between your Junior and
Senior years of college
5.Accept a commission as a Regular Army, Reserve, or National Guard
Officer upon completion of the required academic and ROTC courses.
6.Regular Army Officers
Starting annual slary is $25,000 as a Second Lieutenant
Annual salary within 5 years when you make Captain is $45,000
Receive 100% dental & medical coverage
Receive 100% dental & medical coverage
Serve only fours years on active duty
7.Reserve and National Guard Officers
Serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year
Starting monthly salary is $200 for one weekend drill
When you make Captain the montly salary is $400
Serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year foreight years

This page was created
by Captain Mark Lundtvedt for the
Saints Battalion.

There are also Junior ROTC units at the high school level. I was in the
Army ROTC Unit at Sidney Lanier High School in Macon, GA when I was in

Karl Slinkard


From: "James L. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: QUERY: ROTC & antiwar activism

ROTC = Reserve Officers Training Corps. See books by Richard Flacks,
Kenneth Keniston, Seymour M. Lipset, James L. Wood, Todd Gitlin, the very
recent book edited by Gerard J. DeGroot, Student Protest: The Sixties and
After (UK: Addison Wesley Longman Limited, 1998), including many references
cited therein, Gary Marx and James L. Wood, collective behavior article in
the Annual Review of Sociology, Volume l (1975), and the many references
cited. This should give you a start. Good luck.

James L. Wood <>



ROTC: Reserve Officers Training Corps, a four year (usually) course
leading to a commission as a reserve officer in the USAR, USAFR, or
USNR. A few students are deemed Distinguished Military Graduates
(DMG) and receive regular commissions. ROTC detachments are found at
Land Grant Universities, and at other universities and colleges, too.


Tom Page
Wichita State Univ.


From: (drieux)
Subject: Re: QUERY: ROTC & antiwar activism

R.O.T.C. - Reserver Officer Training Corp

Originally the 'land grant' colleges were required to have ROTC classes
as a part of their 'grant' - and as such would train young men to be members
of the American Armed Forces, most of the time these cadets would 'graduate'
into the 'reserves' and would not neccesarily be required to actually serve
in a military capacity. This is a status now known as the 'inactive reserve'.
Some would be in the 'active reserve' and required to 'drill' something on
the order of once a month, and two weeks during the summer time.

The leader of americans in the 'abraham lincoln brigade' was an ROTC
graduate from U.C. berkeley.

The question of 'training officers' became an 'issue' during the vietnam
war, when it was no longer 'populaor many young
men, this was their 'only' route through college, as they had no other way
to pay for college. Many of the G.I.'s who came back from both WWII and
the intervening 'overseas military operational event sequences' and other
such 'hostile fire pay zones' would use their G.I. beni's to graduate from

Technically R.O.T.C. buildings 'should' be considered 'federal property'
and under 'federal jurisdiction' - so it really is a 'federal case' and all
that - what most people do not understand are the rules of 'reciprocity' that
are used to 'simplify' these 'jurisdictional matters' in areas that are not
'directly contained' within a guarded federal facility. So the demonstrations,
and occupations of R.O.T.C. facilities was an issue between the students and
the 'federal government'.

Oh yes, there is an N.R.O.T.C. - which is the 'naval' branch, and is the
basis for training both naval and marine reserve officers.

The alternative means to a 'commission' in the armed forces are:

1. graduation from one of the Federal Military Academies.
I believe both VMI and The Citadel 'technically' graduate
out R.O.T.C. 'reserve' officers - but I am not sure.

2. OCS - officer candidate school { home of the 90 day wonders. also
known 'affectionately' as "knife and fork" school. }

3. battlefield promotion - not an easy school to graduate from the
curiculum can kill you.


ps: the other 'silly' that has 'shifted' in the years:

NDSL - was National Defense Student Loan, now is the

National Direct Student Loan programme....


From: Phoenix <>
Subject: Re: QUERY: ROTC & antiwar activism

ROTC = Reserve Officers Training Corps. A sick slick collegiate way to
militarize young men & women. "Students" learn/play war weekly & during
summer then "accept" commissions in particular branch of service for what
ever time was contracted. There's also high school ROTC an even more
dangerous component in the plan. I've no ideas of the numbers to date,
but Viet Nam & Gulf Vets (& Korean vets too) have spoken to thousands and
thousands of high school students around the USA. Military recruiters
hate us!

Bring a combat vet to your school!

Also, this seems like a rather good bibliography. I assume someone
updates it periodically with info from subscribers of this list. Perhaps
it should be recommended more visibly to students & other seekers &

"Shall we go, you and I while we can
Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?"
John Perry Barlow



From: Subject: Re: QUERY: ROTC & antiwar activism

ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. These were students being trained to be military officers after graduation. Although in later years ROTC programs started admitting women, during the Vietnam War the units were all male. >Oh yeah, does anyone know of any historians or commentators >on the anti-war demonstrations?

There should be a lot of material here. You might start with Kirkpatrick Sale's book SDS and work your way through the reference section.

Also, take a look at Jerome Skolnick's The Politics of Protest.

See if your library has archives for The Guardian, a radical newsweekly.

-- Michael Wright