Feminist Male bashing (was Re: new book) (multiple responses)

Wed, 25 Nov 1998 11:26:49 -0500


From: Marty Jezer <mjez@sover.net>
Subject: Feminist Male bashing/ Was Re: new book

Good lord, Michael Wright, have you been stewing over this for the
past 30 years?

I dare say that most male activists of that time went through similar
experiences. Some of the male bashing was unfair, laughable, absurd,
overwrought and without substance. A lot of it was painful but
well-deserved. Some of it was difficult to understand at the time, but
made sense later. Feminist women were not only feeling their oats but
figuring things out. And ultimately we're all better for that
struggle. No pain, no change! Feminism didn't destroy the left
because some of the major assumptions the left was riding, at least
after 1968, were self-destructive and wrong. I'm not echoing David
Horowitz here. I personally am still doing what I can for peace and
justice. Sixties' people (by whom I mean activists) were, most of us,
brave, bright, audacious, and on the big issues of the time -- the war
and civil rights -- right! We were also, especially after `68,
arrogant, self-involved, and blind to some very important currents
that we ourselves had set in motion in society. That is to say we were
imperfect and very human. We, the men on the left, needed feminism,
for the sake of the movement and ourselves. And yes, some strands of
feminism replicated the bad behavior (i.e., strident, arrogant,
self-serving, sectarian, loudmouth bullshit) of many strands of the
"male" left. Time and experience sorts that stuff out. Those who
expect purity and perfection are always going to be disappointed.
Though this post lacks that quality, Michael Wright's story made me
laugh. In our effort to better the world we were, at many times,

Marty Jezer


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From: barbara winslow <Purplewins@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: new book

So what does this have to do with the book the Feminist Memoir
Project: Voices from Women's Liberation? All you did was recount a
personal story which obviously has kept you angry for a very long
period of time. Your anecdote has _nothing_, I repeat nothing to do
with the content of this book.

Once again, those who are interested in the ideas and activism as well
as this pathbreaking and exciting book anout the women's liberation
movement are cordially invited to our book party and celebration:
December 4th, 6-8pm, 99 Hudson Street, 3rd floor.