Re: Religion and the Sixties

Marty Jezer (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:00:36 -0500

David [Di Sabatino]'s response is important!

We, and the intelligentsia (such as it is) think of the sixties in
terms of the various left and counter-cultural movements. Because of
OUR disdain for the mainstream culture, we then ignored it and still
tend to. But given a little distance, the rise of fundamentalsm at
the grass roots -- and its fusing with right-wing politics -- may be
just as important in defining the sixties.

An anecdote: I met a guy whose kids keep pigs as part of a Future Farmers
of America project. I told him that I myself once had pigs. He wanted to
know more about that so I told him about living on a commune in Vermont and
having cows, pigs, haying, making maple syrup, etc. He wanted to know what
a commune was. I said, "ya know in the sixties, the counter-culture, the
protests, the hippies." "Oh yeah," he nodded. "I think I read about that
once in Time."

And we thught we were at the center of everything!

Marty J.


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