Re: Bill Clinton and the Sixties

Ron Jacobs (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 09:01:44 -0500

The only thing I know is that there is more than one avenue--up here in
Vermont we have the electoral route via Bernie sanders and the
progressives, in addition there is the campaign to free (or at least get
him a new trial) Mumia (not to mention other political prisoners), there is
the campaign against sanctions--all of these are simmering , but no one
thing has brought them together--that is where the discussion needs to begin--

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>> It is our duty on the left to point these things
>>out. Although Bill may have been better than the opposition to some of
>>us, the fact remains that in his time in office he has pretty much
>>done what the right would have. The only difference is that he can
>>sell it better. I say, let the rulers tear at each other like dogs.
>>Let us take advantage of the moment and organize a movement that
>>leaves them and their politics of sleaze, corruption and hatred of the
>>people in the dust.
>>from >Ron Jacobs
>Good point Ron, but how? You took a thousand words to outline the
>problem and only twenty words to give us your manifesto. If this is
>the moment, then please tell us how to seize it before it slips away
>from us again. I'm with you, but tell me what to do. How should we
>organize this movement? Adam Nixon (probably the only Nixon you'll
>ever get reading the Sixties List!)