Weathermen and selling out (multiple posts)
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>I've always felt that Horowitz was a garden variety opportunist, who,
>as Ron Jacobs notes, made money on both sides of the street. Take a
>look at his first book, the one on the American Empire (I forget the

It was Free World Colossus. I read it in the late 60s.

>The first two chapters are a straight paraphrase of Dana
>Flemming's THE ORIGINS OF THE COLD WAR (1962), 2 vols.
>When I noticed this, years ago when Horowitz's book came out,
> I wrote him off. This is a guy that didn't change; he always
>hankered to be a trendy player. Old man Flemming was an
>old time socialist, never wavered, and his politics were at the
>expense of his academic career. He worked for years on
>ORIGINS only to get ripped off by Horowitz the opportunist.

I actually thought it was a pretty good book. I'm sorry
to hear that an honest scholar was ripped off by Horowitz.

The book was a factor in forming my own anti-imperialist
consciousness. Also prominent in that regard was Carl
Oglesby's Containment and Change.

-- Michael Wright

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hey some of these sell-outs need to realize the depth of how they
betrayed the cause via a flying pie....david horowitz sure can use
meringue.......however the weather folks never copped out