Re: Weathermen and Sell-Outs (multiple responses)
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:33:42 -0500


From: Karl Slinkard <>
Subject: Re: Weathermen and Sell-Outs (multiple responses)

To All:

Re: Sixties' Sellouts

It may possibly be that we are all missing the point here. This is no
longer the sixties. We are no longer kids. The issues which seemed so
clear cut in '69, only seem that clear cut to a tiny minority of us now. I
don't know in any particular case, who "sold out," and who didn't. I just
know that most of our lives and perspectives have changed with our
waistlines. The revolution did not come. It would be hard to betray a
revolution that only existed in our minds and imaginations. Can anyone
spell left-wing adventurism?

Karl Slinkard


From: "Henry Beigh" <>
Subject: Re: Weathermen and Sell-Outs (multiple responses)

I concur; "selling out" is a far more negative term than "just giving up in
exhaustion". In the former, one would be a traitor to the cause. In the
latter, one is just tired, worn out, etc.


From: Ron Jacobs <>
Subject: Re: Weathermen and Sell-Outs (multiple responses)

A few things more:
Selling out is what David Horowitz did--he went from writing for Ramparts
to supporting Ronnie Raygun and attacking all of his former allies.

Weather was originally called Weatherman (from the Dylan song) than
Weatherman Underground and then Weather Underground Organization (WUO)
They referred to themselves as weatherpeople--weather women and weather
men. For a history of Weather, check out my book The Way the Wind Blew
from Verso.

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