SNCC (multiple responses)
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:33:41 -0500


From: "James L. Wood" <>
Subject: Re: Women in SNCC (multiple responses)

Regarding SNCC, do see the comprehensive history by Claybourne Carson, In

James L. Wood <>


From: Angus Johnston <>
Subject: Re: Women in SNCC

Joan Browning's wonderful list covered just about everything I would have
mentioned---as well as a few things I had missed up to now. But I don't
think she or anyone else has yet mentioned Cheryl Lynn Greenberg's _A
Circle of Trust: Remembering SNCC_, a recent collection of oral histories
(Rutgers, 1997).

I just stumbled across _Circle_, and haven't gotten far into it yet, but it
includes a substantial chapter on, as it puts it, "SNCC Women and the
Stirrings of Feminism," as well as pieces by SNCC women in each of the
other eight chapters.

Angus Johnston
City University of New York