Women in SNCC (multiple responses)

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From: Phyl Newbeck <pnewbeck@zoo.uvm.edu>
Subject: Re: Query: Women in SNCC

>I have chosen to explore the role of women
>in the Civil Rights Movement, probably with an emphasis on women in

Unfortunately Mary King's book, "Freedom Song," is out of print, but it is
one of the best sources regarding women in SNCC. Other books are Sally
Belfrage's "Freedom Summer" and a new biography of Ruby Doris Robinson
called "Soon we will not cry" by Cynthia Griggs Fleming.



From: "James L. Wood" <jwood@mail.sdsu.edu>
Subject: Re: Query: Women in SNCC

See the debate in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology of, I think, 1971-1972,
between Marlene Dixon and Ann Leffler & Dair Gillespie. See also Barrie
Thorne's article on women in the draft resistance movement (she is in
Sociology at U.C. Berkeley). And see several references in Marx and Wood's
collective behavior article in the Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 1
(1975). Good luck, Jim Wood

James L. Wood <jwood@mail.sdsu.edu>


From: Michael Loret de Mola <ml7z@server2.mail.Virginia.EDU>
Subject: Re: Query: Women in SNCC

Hi, I'm not a scholar, but a fellow student at the
University of Virginia. I am currently writing my major
thesis on black opinion of the Vietnam War in the years
64-67. I am dividing my paper into 2 1/2's- one on Civil
Rights orgs (including SNCC) and the other on the
"madenning crowd". Anyway, I've had to do some research on
SNCC, though I haven't gotten all the way through it.
Probably your best resource for primary source material is
"The Papers of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating
Committee". We have those here at UVA on microfilm. But
that's probably not a good place to start. THE definitive
volume on SNCC as an org. has been writen by Clayborn
Carson- the title escapes me right now, but if you look it
up under the author you'll find it. In addition, james
Forman, who was exec-sec or chariman of SNCC from 1961-66
has written a WONDERFUL book called "The Making of Black
Revolutionaries" which really gives an inside look at the
workings of SNCC, and talks about alot of women- specific
personalities though, not "women as a bloc". Finally, you
may want to try to contact Julian Bond, among other people,
who teaches here at UVA. I'm not going to give you his
e-mail b/c he probably wouldn't appreciate that, but you
can look up his e-mail if you go to the UVA site
(www.virginia.edu). I think his REAL first name may be
Horace. If he can't give you information directly, he
might be able to tell you who to talk to. Hope this helps.

Michael Loret de Mola
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

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