Rudd & Weathermen & Selling Out (multiple responses)
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:10:09 -0400


From: "Mike Bennett" <>
Subject: Re: Mark Rudd (multiple responses)

I live in this country, and I have not sold out. not an inch have I
compromised my principles. i make do with less cash and more meaning in my
life, which, in my case means I work helping people get off and stay off of
drugs and out of jail by being a counselor. i remain an unrepentant
socialist who believes that, short of armed struggle, nothing will ever
change much in the US. And that Americans don't have the guts to do it.

>Starluv31 wrote:
>>I'm not being facetious here, but I think MArk Rudd and Sam Brown (of the
>>Antiwar movement fame) have become Jane Fonda-ish people. Last I heard
>>Mark, he sold out, dropped in and changed his name. Good luck!



From: barbara winslow <>
Subject: Mark Rudd (multiple responses)

I am writing a book about the women's liberation movement in Seattle
Washington. I am having to deal with the subject of the weatherpeople
and the women's movement and have to deal with the politics and
actions of some of the more nationally famous weather folk, Rudd,
Dohr, Ayres as well as the local weather people. I think it is far
more useful to look at the sixties peoples, weather folk among many,
in terms of their politics and activities. What they are now is very
different from what they were once, although their politics were and
activities were not sympathetic to the women's liebration movement. To
my knowledge none of them are writing Horowitz type bios - "we were
wrong: we were horrible' "we were nazis" we were murderers" we hated
this that and everything" " we were and are responsible for the
downfall of civilization" and etc. I think the word "sell out" is also
problematic. Does it mean someone who know is a wall street broker?
The equivilent of someone "naming names?" Some one on Starr's staff?