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From: Dolores Janiewski <>

There's an interview with a participant who was a NOW activist in the
People's Century, 'Half the People' episode that recently appeared on NZ
tv. It does seem as though NOW was involved if not an official sponsor of
the protest. I can look at my tape and tell you the name if that will be


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Andrea - On Miss America '68 get in touch with Robin Morgan. I believe that it
was her idea. Great topic for research. Jonah Raskin

Date: 5/31/98 1:12 PM
To: Jonah Raskin
From: sixties-l@lists.village.Virgin
I am trying to research the Miss America protest of 1968. I will be typing
my final paper on this and I have a few questions that I would like to find
some answers to. If anyone has any answers to these questions please let
me know as soon as possible. I would like to know who organized the
protest (what group, if any)? What groups attended the protest? Was anyone
arrested (by female policewomen)? Did the media follow the instructions of
"No Men!"? If anyone knows where I could get some of this information or
if anyone has any first hand information please get back to me.

Thank you,
Andrea Leonhardi

From: Michael W Bibby <>

The obvious starting points here are Sara Evans's *Personal Politics* and
Alice Echols's *Daring to Be Bad*--as I recall, Echols has more
detail on this protest--and is Evans's still at Minnesota? If so, you
might arrange to meet with her about it. But also--I assume from your sig
you're from U of Minnesota--you might want to dig around in the Bell &
Howell microfilm collection of underground papers--there's a handy index
located in Wilson Library and it contains numerous feminist newspapers
from the period. Good luck!

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We (Newsreel ) made a film of this event. It starts with women getting on a
bus in NYC. Included in the crowd was Flo Kennedy. The demonstration , which
was a street play happened outside the event. The big event happened inside
the auditorium when a banner ways hung from the balcolny which read Womens
Liberation. The women were removed from the aud. There was also a sheep
brought to the demonstration out side. The film has a sound track sung by
Bev Grant which is abt. Miss America.
That is all I remember. The film is about 10 min long. I now realize that
lots of my historical memory comes from the films we made during the
sixties/seventies. Teaching history at Burlington College allows me to use te
films during my classes which refreshes my memory. My best, Roz