Re: Buddhism & War, in Vietnam

Susan Noel (
Fri, 22 May 1998 12:37:22 -0400 (EDT)


Do you know Thich Nat Hahn? He's a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and
teacher. Has a community now, in France I believe...teaches here often. (I
once did a retreat weekend with him, years ago.) He's a very interesting
person and I'm sure would have a lot to say on the subject. I don't know
how to contact him personally, but just check out his books - they usually
have adresses of centers in the back.

Susan Noel
University of Pittsburgh

On Sun, 17 May 1998, collin scott wrote:

> A query for those who might have some of the inside information..
> I am doing some research on the role of Buddhism in Vietnam during the
> war. I have been trying to fathom the complexity of the
> moral/political/religious situation that centered around Buddhism.
> Anyway, I have not been able to find many sources that document
> specific statements/commentary that deals with the religious
> perspective. My questions are; what were the feelings Buddhists in
> the south and in the north with regard to the war, What was the role
> of Buddhists in the military, Some examples of rhetoric that document
> the positions of Buddhist leaders and or people about the role of
> Buddhists fighting in the war. Obviously the whole self-immolation
> aspect is pretty well documented, but what were some of the other more
> subtle aspects of Buddhist resistance to the killing. I would
> appreciate if anyone knowing of a good source, or who might have
> personal insight could contact me.
> collin scott