Re: Underground newspapers form the 1960s (multiple posts)

Sun, 17 May 1998 11:50:58 -0400

From: Ellen Garvey <>

Jay --
Thanks for the bibliography. You'll find more titles listed in
Ken Wachsberger, ed., _Voices from the Underground: Insider Histories of
the Vietnam Era Underground Press_ (Tempe, AZ: Mica's Press, 1993).
Volume 2 of this has a long, if idiosyncratic bibliography, with
descriptions. (The bibliographer treats much material matter-of-factly,
and then goes off on rants about particular items.)
Off the top of my head, I'd add to that book's list, Amy Hoffman's
account of working for Boston's _Gay Community News_ in her book _Hospital
Time_. (Duke University Press, 1996 or 97).
--Ellen Garvey

From: PNFPNF <>

As I worked on the Berkeley Barb in 1966 and 1967, with occasional freelance
work for the Barb and the Berkeley Tribe in '69-73, I'd be happy to share what
info. I have with Jay Kennedy (and others researching this material).
Microfilm/fiche? copies of the Barb exist at UC and, I suspect, many many
major and university libraries; an online search can quickly find which.
(There are misc. persons, inc. myself, in the Bay Area with some Barb issues,
but probably it will be hard to find anyone with extra hardcopy issues to lend
out, of this or other underground papers.)
I have never gone through the set of books listed in this query, but wonder
how many of them are making their publishers good money reprinting the
reportage we all worked on but naively/politically never copyrighted.
Paula Friedman